F1.10 Bracket and Rail System

For use with Fibre Cement, High Pressure Laminates, Zinc, ACM, Metal rainscreen panels and more!


  • F1.10 is the All Face’s vertical back frame for every support system!
  • ‘T’ and ‘L’ profiles are fixed using aluminium or stainless steel brackets, fixed through a series of fixed and flexible points.
  • Flexible point brackets absorb wind loading and allow for expansion and contraction.
  • Fixed point brackets absorb both vertical dead loads.
  • Bracket spacing is determined by cladding options such as the dimensions and weight of the façade cladding, local wind loads and cladding zone.
Technical Features and Benefits .

  • Wind pressure is passed to the building element – no tensile load on the dowel.
  •  Each F1 (single bracket) can be used for a fixed point or a sliding point. .
  • The F1+ (double bracket) is mainly used as an anchor point.
  • It has high load bearing capacity due to its design with a height of 175 mm combined with 2 wall fixing points.
  • Dowel spacing of 125 mm for the F1+ makes it possible to fasten to a problematic sub-grade.
  • Integrated clamp-slide provides 38 mm of adjusting for the L- or T-profiles. .
  • Brackets and rails made of aluminium EN-AW 6060 T66
  • Stainless Steel brackets available (Great for achieving hard to reach U-Values!)

Technical Guides

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