International Case Studies

Our products are used all around the world. Here are some of our favourite jobs.
KNDU Villas 

GAD Architecture
Antalya, Turkey

Material: Parklex

The AHK Kundu Villas, a collection of homes by GAD Architecture, has recently been shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival (WAF) for Future Residential projects. The project, comprising of 17 large, 56 medium and 50 small housing units, is sited next to a tourism zone in Antalaya on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. Designed with sustainability in mind, the project makes use of resources available on the site.Facade and roof openings take advantage of natural ventilation and daylight. The Parklex exterior rainscreen cladding regulates temperature, and defines the boundaries of each home.

Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival on Arch Daily.

Getafe Market Cultural Centre

Getafe, Madrid, Spain

Material: Stacbond

Photographs: Rueben P Bescos.

From the architect: A-cero presents one of his latest works. In this case, it is a public building which holds a cultural and leisure center for Getafe village, in the outskirts of Madrid.The main idea of the project is to reconvert completely a deserted building from years, which in a moment was the municipal market. The plot where is located, it is in the center of the city in the main square where it is also the city council.  The status of the existing building was semiruins and the proposal of the city council was to give to the townspeople a multifunctional center focus above all in cultural events.

Read more on Arch Daily.

Zerrenner Foundation

Educational Facility
Sete Lagoas, Brazil.

Material: ULMA – M-05 – Earth

Ventilated Facade: 12,000 m²

From the Ulma engineer: The original project proposed a curved facade with a negative slope made of the same material; ULMA has solved this challenge by making a metal supporting structure of aluminium profiles on which the polymer concrete panels are installed. The format of the facade panels measure 1800mm long and have a height of between 800 and 900 mm, following all the horizontal joints of the building”. David Sevilla, ULMA expert.


Golden View Residence 

Workshop AD
Anchorage, AK, United States

Material: Parklex

Photographs: Kevin G. Smith

From the architect: Perched above the landscape like an extended tree house, the platform stretches across the hillside following the topographical subtleties of the forest. Expansive glazing exposes each space to the foreground wooded layers and the distant commanding panoramic views north and west. Yet, the spaces maintain a high degree of privacy from the surrounding neighbors. Exterior surfaces are clad with Copper Parklex composite panels, concrete, and metal roofing.

Featured on ArchDaily

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