NV7: Nvelope System for Supporting Cassettes

Concealed fixing for ACM, Zinc, Aluminium and more!

Manufactured from extruded aluminium alloys conforming to EN 573-3 (material) and EN 755 production standards.

British Board of Agrément (BBA) – 09/4678

Making things faster onsite:
NVELOPE brackets are adjustable and come with thermal isolators already attached.

  • NV7 is the NVELOPE system for concealed fix cassette (ACM / zinc / aluminium) – vertical cladding applications.
  • Secured using cassette hangers to provide a concealed fixing.
  • NVELOPE ‘T’ and ‘L’ profiles are fixed using NVELOPE support brackets, fixed through a series of fixed and flexible points.
  • NVELOPE flexible point brackets absorb wind loading and allow for expansion and contraction.
  • NVELOPE fixed point brackets absorb both vertical dead loads.
  • NVELOPE bracket spacing is determined by cladding options such as the dimensions and weight of the facade cladding, local wind loads.

Technical Guides

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