Parklex - Authenticity of Real Timber

Parklex exterior cladding panels are quite unique. The panels have at their core kraft papers and thermosetting resins. These components when combined under extreme heat and pressure ensure that Parklex remains stable, rigid and most importantly flat. But what is unique are the surface colours.

We are now delighted to present Parklex Architectural Cladding from Elemental Ireland. The decorative surface of the Parklex panels are made by nature. Each panel is unique as the natural real timber that it comes from is. The natural real timber veneers show the panels’ strength and durability. The Parklex timber cladding panels imbue the warmth and unique look of a building. As each panel is unique, each façade that is clad with Parklex is also unique. Parklex, with its real timber surface, make facades authentic.


Under the weather resistant outer PVDF overlay is the Parklex Everlook® overlay which is designed to further increase the life & natural beauty of the panel by being highly resistant to UV radiation & weathering. Under these two overlays the panel is a finished with natural timber veneer.

Parklex Walls & Ceilings

Solutions for Wet, Dry & Acoustic requirements

Parklex for wall and ceiling applications are available in a number of variations, but all products have a real authentic timber veneer and a plywood or bakelite core.

Available in variations that are suitable high traffic areas, in wet or dry environments, it is the ideal wall & ceiling cladding panel. Renowned for being at the leading-edge of their industry, Parklex products are maintenance-free with a surface that won’t peel, crack or wear.

Used in notable projects such as Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao & Marqués de Riscal Hotel, Parklex is specified by leading architects worldwide.

Using real timber veneers (that are rotary harvested – so there are no joins) that are hand selected and resin encapsulated allows architects and designers to bring the na- ture & nobility of timber indoors.

Parklex has had it products tested for sound, in a reverberation room, with the standard UNE-EN ISO 354:2004 and achieved a resonant absorption coefficient between 0.2 – 0.6

Parklex Flooring

Beautiful solutions for high-traffic areas

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, W Hotel Barcelona and the Air France Lounge, Tokyo are all very contrasting applications, with a need to reflect each Designer’s aspirations for their project.

They all have one thing in common; their flooring choice must be reflect the nobility of wood with the functionality of strength, durability, wear resistance and resilience.

Parklex flooring is suitable for extreme traffic requirements but still offers an
exquisite maintenance-free surface due to Gureprex® technology which impregnates the natural wood surface with resins thereby preparing the material for continued use.

Parklex Videos

Here are some Parklex Videos that you might enjoy.

Parklex Installation Video

This video demonstrates the installation of a 10mm thick panel with hanger fixing system. Elemental’s own Rail System is fully compatible with the Parklex range. We offer a number of rails and brackets to suit any cladding scenario.

Parklex Installation Video – Exposed Screw/Rivet

This video demonstrates the installation of a a 5/16” thick panel with exposed screw or rivet fixing. Elemental’s own Rail System is fully compatible with the Parklex range. We offer a number of rails and brackets to suit any cladding scenario.