All Face Subframe Solutions

DOP certified rainscreen systems for every application.

F1.10 Rail System

Aluminium bracket & rails for rivet fix

F1.20 Terracotta Rail System

Aluminium rails & clips specially designed to hold Terracotta tiles.

F1.30 Adhesive Rail System

Aluminium rails with adhesive for secret fix application

F1.40 Mechanical Secret Fix Rail System

Horizontal rails and hangers hold a range of panels (from HPL’s & fibre cement to 60mm stone) in place.

F1.59 Cassette Rail System

Aluminium Cassette System: with adjustible clip on hanger.

F1.60 Batten Holder System

Bracket and Batten Holder system (vertical)

F2.10 Horizontal Rail System

For use with vertical cladding planks & steel stud applications

F2.11 Batten Carrier System

Horizontal batten carrier system to avoid counter battening

F3.10 Floor to Floor Rainscreen System

Brackets are placed on floor slabs only, heavy duty rails keep the cladding firmly in place.

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