EKO Thermobrackets

Proudly sustainable. Quality guaranteed. Perfect for Passive House Design.

Highly Efficient Thermal Brackets

EKO rainscreen cladding support brackets are made of a flame retardant engineered polymer composite; an extremely strong, highly efficient industrial compound with low thermal conductivity and improved U-value performance resulting in reduced heat flow through the rainscreen construction. EKO Thermobrackets provide the façade designer and thermal engineer with greater design flexibility.

  • Low thermal conductivity
Durable and protective
Clear conscience and open mind
Extremely strong
Fully isolating
Proudly sustainable
Highly efficient
Versatile — can be used with aluminium rails + timber carriers
  • Reduction in heat flow through rainscreen construction — Lower thermal conductivity/Improved U-value performance on like for like construction — Allows for reduction in insulation thickness to achieve U or R-value

Thermal Performance

The improved thermal performance of the eko bracket reduces the effect of heat loss through the construction resulting in improved U-value figures for the construction.

The eko brackets thermal conductivity reduces the cold bridging affect at the sheathing board and in principle would enable the designer to greater decrease the external insulation requirement.

Likewise in construction where increase emphasis is placed on U-value performance, the eko bracket could improve the stated target whilst also maintaining the predetermined cladding zone/boundary line. The eko bracket is fully recyclable.

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