In Bonham Quay 15 columns and 13 beams were supplied to be hung on a mechanical secret fix internal frame, across two buildings. The effect is a clean and dominant entrance that strongly supports the building, with well placed joints.

These 16mm Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete panels are lightweight and come with an anti-graffiti coating. They can be supplied in U shapes, C shapes and many other 3D shapes to create columns, beams, and any unique facade you can imagine.

As a thin but strong concrete panel, they can be attached to a steel or aluminium subframe with hangers (mechanical secret fix) without the need to engineer the building to support the concrete’s weight.

The combination of glass fibre and concrete to form a glass fibre reinforced concrete façade (GFRC) is the strengthening component for the panel. 

Architect: BDP

Contractor: Glass and Alu Clad LTD.

Photos by Kelvin Gillmor

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