Parklex - Interior cladding

Walls, Floors and Ceilings - for wet and dry environments!

Dry Internal: Interior cladding for dry zones Due to its resistance and hardness, Dry Internal is the ideal natural wood cladding for interior walls and ceilings in high traffic areas such as museums, offices, hotels and institutions.

Wet Internal: Interior cladding for wet zones Wet Internal is a natural wood cladding for interior walls and ceilings, highly resistant to moisture and suitable for bathrooms, gyms, saunas, swimming pools and porches.

Acoustic: Interior cladding for acoustic treatment Acoustic is an acoustic panel solution. A natural wood cladding for interior walls and ceilings that require a specific level of sound absorption such as conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms and theatres.

Parklex Flooring

Resistant to humidity

With resins that protect the wood surface and a bakelite coating in its counterface, Hy Tek is a 100% moisture resistant floor, suitable for installation in areas with frequent contact with water.



Combined widths

Four different boards widths allows for a more traditional and random look, created by mixing different widths.

Resistant wood floors

In line with our policy of continuous product development, under UNE EN 13.329 Parklex HY TEK has achieved Class 32 for comercial use and Class 23 for residential use; Class 2 for slip resistance, AC6 for wear resistance and Grade 4 for scratching resistance.

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