Services We Provide

Elemental offer a range of services from idea to installation of your project. We offer design assistance, helping you make the best specification choices for your budget, as well as cutting, routing and optimisation services, to make sure that you get the best value from your panel choice.

Design Stage

At the design stage, we can work with you to outline the many options available for both aluminium rails systems as well as the cladding choices that can be fitted to them. We can detail the pros and cons of different rail, bracket and panel solutions as well as help you to narrow down the many options, based on aesthetic, technical and cost factors.

Cladding & Rail Procurement

We can assist in the design process, pre-cut and package the chosen cladding panels for installation, as well as supplying the supporting Aluminium Rail system and other necessary accessories. Our rail system is “best in industry” and our panel materials all carry British Board Agrement (BBA) Certification, to independently verify that our products can withstand years of abuse from the elements.

Installation & Aftercare

Our service includes “Tool box talks” and visits from manufacturers to advise & supervise initial installation by the fixing crews. Panels can be delivered in numbered sections per façade or elevation, precut, drilled and routered to size to minimise site time & costs.

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Additional Services

Design Assistance:
Elemental are pleased to offer design assistance. We can provide assistance to help to reduce wastage (& costs) by recommending the panel sizes around material manufactured sheet sizes. Quite often the appearance of panel sizes on a facade will dictate the support rail centres and the design of the support structure for the complete rainscreen. Many designers feel more comfortable after a discussion of what materials are available, manufactured sheet sizes and which best fits with their vision. We can help reduce the stress of finding the right product for a project by having a wide range of materials easily available. We will assist you in finding the correct product even if it appears the correct product is not in our portfolio.

Elemental can supply guide prices per m² for many systems so that it can be confidently & clearly established that a system is comfortably within budget.

Upon arrival on site, it will be seen that all the panels that Elemental have cut size will have clean and straight edges. Nothing quite sets off a smooth, flat and homogenous panel face like clean sharp panels. So when the facade is viewed all the lines appear straight and true. All panels will be wrapped securely when delivered to site and will have an agreed ID clearly visible so that contractors can feel comfortable & confident that the correct panel is being used.

Elemental also offer a CNC routing service so that complex panel shapes or apertures that a designer may envisage as a feature of the cladding can be comfortably obtained.  The look of a halved joint or chamfered edge can be very appealing as too with a vertical biscuit joint in a complimentary colour can add an extra aesthetic touch. Routing can also be done to take the fixing brackets for the secret fix or mechanical invisible fixing system.

We provide this service by using a specialist computer optimisation programme to ensure that the maximum yield is obtained and waste is kept to a minimum to delivering value for money to ensure that budgets are kept to.


Painted Screws:

Screws are used to fix cladding materials 6mm – 10mm. Screws are painted to match and visibly blend in to the colour of the cladding. Screws are manufactured from A2 or A4 stainless steel and have torx screw heads. Screws heads are 12mm in diameter and are low profile so to minimise the visual impact of the flat cladding panels.

Blind Rivets:
Rivets are used to fix cladding materials to an aluminium subframe. Rivets are painted to match and visibly blend in to the colour of the cladding. Rivets are manufactured from A2 or A4 stainless steel. Rivet heads are 14mm in diameter and are low profile so to minimise the visual impact of the flat cladding panels.

Horizontal Joint Profile (HJP); Universal Corner Profile (UCP); Neoprene Strip; Perforated Closure; all are among of some of the other cladding accessories Elemental provide as part of complete solution for rainscreen cladding. Profiles are available in PVC or metal and are available in black or custom colours. These profiles are used to finish the cladding, like abutments, corners or baffle joints. Elemental can also supply custom profiles to ensure that your aesthetic vision is achieved.

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